B2B marketers: 5 things to know to create a killer content marketing strategy

by | Feb 15, 2020 | Marketing Strategy

As a B2B marketer trying to grow your business, you want to make sure you’re using the most effective marketing tools available to get in front of your target audience. We’ve summarized two expert opinion articles from Gary Vee and Entrepreneur magazine on content marketing strategy for B2B marketers that will set you in the right direction to create a killer content plan. Here’s our take on it:

Five Steps to Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

Entrepreneur’s article provides insights on how to create a killer content marketing strategy in five sensible steps.

  1. It all starts with a plan. First, determine your goals for creating content, which could be to build brand awareness, generate leads, or just to boost your SEO goals.
  2. Next, determine what your target audience wants to learn more about. This can be accomplished with Google keyword planner, Search Console, and Analytics.
  3. Then, develop consistent, valuable and relevant content by listening to the feedback from your target audience.
  4. Once you’ve developed great content that’s visually appealing and engaging, you need to get the content out there through a distribution network. This may include paid content networks like Google Ads, paid social like Facebook or LinkedIn, branded or native content, organic content, or crowdsourcing.
  5. Finally, measure and analyze the results of your content. Google Analytics and Buffer are two tools they recommend using for analyzing your content marketing program’s success.
B2B Marketing

B2B Marketers need to be creating more content

In this article featured on Chief Marketer, Gary Vaynerchuk says that B2B marketers need to create GOBS of content to post on social platforms. He’s not bullish on many social media platforms, but he strongly recommends the LinkedIn platform for creating content for both B2B and B2C audiences. In fact, he says companies should be posting 5-15 times per day on LinkedIn!

Gary V says quantity is important, but so is quality. Creating content that is both relevant and unique for everyone is what is missing in the content space. Find your voice and don’t be afraid to be the Cherry Garcia in a vanilla world.

Both authors urge companies to create a content strategy for sharing information that’s relevant to their audience and distribute the content on a platform that makes sense for your audience.

Get your B2B content marketing plan started today with these simple steps.

  1. First, research the keywords around the service or product you provide. For instance, if you do IT consulting, enter “IT consulting” into the Google Keyword Planner or Keywordplanner.io and find out what other related keywords people are searching for and the volume.
  2. Next, write down 3-5 topics from the search results that you can write an article about today that would add value to your audience. The topic should be a solution to a problem that is annoying or costly.
  3. Now, write an advice article using your brand voice and personality and post it on LinkedIn. Use the keywords you searched on as tags on your post.
  4. Finally, pay attention to the comments and shares you get and make notes to improve for your next article.
  5. Keep on writing and posting weekly, at a minimum!

Does all of this advice is still overwhelming? Contact Heart & Hustle for a consultation on your B2B content strategy.

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