Building Your Agency Through Relationships and Network Connections

by | Aug 8, 2022 | Marketing Strategy

Top Reasons Why Your Agency Needs to Collaborate with Others

Ever heard the phrase, “jack of all trades, master of none?” In today’s culture, it’s used to describe someone who dabbles in a little bit of everything but hasn’t necessarily become proficient at any of them. And while the spirit of the phrase is directed at a solo person, the adage can also apply to a business. Your average American chain restaurant is an excellent example of this concept. You could order spaghetti carbonara from a restaurant that also has hamburgers and Cobb salads on the menu, but odds are you’ll get a more flavorful dish from an Italian joint.

Marketing agencies are kind of the same. The days of mega-agencies putting resources toward every aspect of marketing are largely over. Instead, more and more agencies are honing in on their respective areas of expertise, filling in the gaps through collaboration with other specialized outfits. We’re big believers in agency collaboration because it brings out the best in everyone involved. Here are a few of our favorite reasons why all agencies should build their business through relationships and network connections.

It is good for the client

As marketing agencies, our goal is always to net the best results for our clients—whether that’s developing an effective brand strategy, implementing a digital ad campaign or landing earned media about a big announcement. But, as agency leaders, we must also be honest with ourselves about our limitations. Not only does partnering with other agencies help you get things done faster for the client, but it puts the work in the hands of true experts who can deliver the types of results your clients desire.

It can help you cut costs

Regardless of agency size, budgets are always incredibly important. And collaborating with other agencies can help your agency ensure you max out on profitability. Hiring full-time employees, particularly subject matter experts that may not always be needed, can be an expensive venture. Instead, why not partner with agencies that will cost significantly less than an FTE? The result is specialized work that’s bound to boost your bottom line.

It creates mutually beneficial relationships

One of the most beneficial aspects of agency collaboration is that it’s not just a one-way street. For every client who comes to you in search of services that you don’t currently offer, the same is likely happening to the other specialized agencies you’re frequently calling partners. Once you’ve built a strong rapport with other agencies, the expectation is that those agencies will think of you the same way you do them. That means you can spend less time prospecting for new clients while still generating regular income for the agency. Win-win.

It builds your leadership and people skills

Many agency owners decided to hang their own shingle because they wanted the chance to lead others. And for small agencies with minimal employees, that’s not always an option. However, collaborating with other agencies can help you scratch that same itch. As the lead agency on an account, it’s your opportunity to prove to yourself (and others) that you can lead a team—regardless of the company they technically work for. As a bonus, the communication and organization skills one can develop through collaboration can also strengthen your client relations skills.

Heart & Hustle Brands is proud to partner with other agencies like Crimson Park Digital

As mentioned earlier, we’re big believers in collaborating with other agencies for all of these reasons and more. Recently, I joined Crimson Park Digital Founder & CEO Alexa Parker as guests on an episode of “The Juice” podcast to talk about agency collaboration and the benefits of our relationship. Heart & Hustle and Crimson Park have been working together for years, combining our unique strengths to deliver the best possible outcomes for clients. If you’re interested, you can listen to the podcast in its entirety on The Juice’s website.

And if you have an agency you think could grow by partnering with Heart & Hustle, I’d love to hear from you. Reach out to us today.

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