Digital Health Care Marketing Can Boost Your Brand in These Three Ways

by | Nov 4, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Healthcare Marketing, Marketing Strategy

Did you ever stop to think about everything that goes on in digital spaces now? It’s mind-boggling even at a glance. In fact, live statistics show that there are more than 5 billion people online right now.

Let’s narrow our focus a little and talk about health care. After all, searches for health care and health-related topics make up 5% of all Google searches. Digital health care marketing can help your brand become one of the top results in such searches and help you bring in more conversions. 

Three ways digital health care marketing can boost your brand

Digital Health Care Marketing

As a whole, digital marketing has many goals, but one of the most important of these goals is to bring in more patient visits. How can digital health care marketing increase your patient appointments? Here are three answers a digital marketing professional may give:

It can optimize your content

Think about how much time you spend in front of the mirror tweaking your appearance before a first date. That’s a good analogy for what digital marketing pros called content marketers are doing when they’re optimizing your content. The difference is they’re improving your content’s appeal to search engines. How valuable can improving your content’s search engine optimization (SEO) be? One marketing survey reports that 70% of respondents said SEO is better than pay-per-click (PPC) ads for generating sales.

It can help you create informative and transparent press releases 

Strategic communication is a term many people who aren’t in public relations or marketing might not have heard. Some might say this term is synonymous with a press release. However, strategic communications are much more than that.

Strategic communications are an important digital marketing tool for any business. Their goal is to help keep people informed about your company and its products or services. And this transparency can be important to your current and potential customers. A marketing study found that 94% of customers are likely to show loyalty to a brand that offers complete transparency. 

These communications can also take many forms. They can be a regular blog series by the company’s CEO or a creatively designed fact sheet, bio or video. Strategic communications can also include employee communications, awards nominations, and crisis communication. Digital marketing professionals can help your health care business determine which strategic communications it should be creating.

It can help your company shine on social media 

I would bet that you’ve looked at one of your social media accounts today.  Studies show that 59% or more of us check our Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook accounts daily. Health care businesses and practices can take advantage of this tendency by creating targeted social media ads. Social media marketers can show you how to create vibrant and engaging ads for your social media platforms. This can help you stand out from the more than 8 million active advertisers on Facebook and other social media platforms.

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Heart & Hustle can help you find effective digital health care marketing solutions.

Heart & Hustle Brands has helped many healthcare-related businesses, and I’m very proud of that fact. I’m also excited to help new health care businesses supercharge their brand so they can get their message out there and help more people.

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