Get Your Brand Together (GYBT) Challenge

by | Jan 1, 2021 | Branding, Marketing Strategy


In 2020, like most middle-aged women, I bought a Peloton bike so that I could get a great workout during quarantine. It changed my life. Seriously.

I credit my amazing sisters-in-law for inspiring me to get on a Peloton last January. They’re both incredibly fit, so I figured it must work. I had been doing spin classes for years, but nothing challenged me like the Peloton cycling classes.

The bike itself is incredible but what really motivated me was the instructors. In order to push me out of my comfort zone, instructors like Robin Arzon and Jess Sims share stories about their fitness journey and tell me how proud they are of me as they also tell me to crank up the resistance and ride as fast as humanly possible. I take in the positive vibes while occasionally screaming obscenities at the screen when I’m asked to pedal through what feels like quicksand.

I particularly love the bike boot camps because I get an opportunity to get off the bike and throw around some weights in between cycling.

When I get back on the bike, Jess Sims gives me 15 seconds to GYLT. Get Your Life Together, she explains is the time you need to bring your heart rate down below the stroke level so you can rev back up again. I take a moment to GYLT and then get right back at it. It energizes and motivates me to take on the challenges of the day.

2020 was a year that required us to hold on tight and pedal through the quicksand to hold on to our business, stay healthy, and keep our sanity. 2021 is finally here. Vaccines are finally being distributed. Businesses are doing their best to get back to some normalcy. With brighter days ahead, I challenge you to G.Y.B.T.

What is G.Y.B.T.? Get Your Brand Together!

Here’s how:

Evaluate your brand image for consistency

Is your brand image consistent on all channels? Consistency builds familiarity. It takes seven times for someone to see your brand before they can recall it, so make sure it looks the same in all applications.

Typography and color should be used consistently on websites, social media channels, collateral, and presentations. Email signatures are formatted the same for all employees.

Successful brands implement brand style guidelines to maintain consistency across all platforms. A great style guide includes directions on how to use your logo, color palette, typography, messaging and photography. Do you have a brand style guide?

Brand Guidelines Example

Review your messaging

How does your brand communicate with your customers? Is your messaging consistent in all channels? Remind your customers about the value you provide regularly in social media, email, and direct mail. Maintaining a consistent tone throughout all platforms will help your customers recognize your messaging before they even see your logo.

Take stock of your reputation

Yelp and Google reviews are not just for restaurants anymore. Yelp and Google Business reviews help boost your search engine optimization as well as provide social proof for why new customers should do business with you. If you’re not collecting reviews, put up a sign in your business to remind clients to leave a review. Send a follow-up email after you interact with customers to ask how their experience was. While incentivizing good reviews is against most online policies, you can ask for feedback that will help you improve your business. The more reviews you get, the more likely you’ll have a great online rating.

Need help GYBT?

Contact me, of course.  I’ll help develop a plan to attract, retain, and nurture your customer base through updated brand messaging, a refreshed brand image, a lead-generating website, and branded collateral.

BTW- I’m @staceyHair77 on Peloton. Follow me and try to keep up.

Stacey Harrison

About the Author

Stacey Harrison is the lead brand strategist and designer at Heart & Hustle Brands and has provided creative direction for healthcare, industrial, and financial services brands for 20 years. She started Harrison Creative Group in 2017 to serve businesses that need a professional brand image on a budget. In 2021, the company rebranded to Heart & Hustle Brands to walk in the shoes of clients that experience a change of name or brand refresh.