Three Things You Need to Do for the Brand You’ve Created to Flourish

by | Nov 16, 2021 | Branding

Startups and even established businesses often have great products and motivated teams. But those things don’t always translate into high website traffic or conversion rates.

Why is this? It could be because you haven’t created a cohesive brand to inform everything your company does. It could even be, in the case of startups, a lack of any branding at all. If you have charted out a path for the brand you’ve created, well done! You’ve taken a very important first step. However, there are some other things your team needs to do for the brand you’ve created to flourish.

for the brand to thrive

For the brand you’ve created to flourish, you’ll need to do these three things:

Get team buy-in

Companies shouldn’t neglect one of the most important things they need for the brand they’ve created to thrive: team buy-in. In many companies, there are far too many people for everyone to have a hand in the creation of every aspect of your brand. Sure, you can bring many people into parts of the process. For instance, you might have your whole team give their opinions about logo or slogan options.

But it’s harder to get every team member involved in every aspect of the branding process. However, you will need to ensure that every team member is in agreement once your branding is complete. Why? They are the people responsible for bringing your brand to life. Without buy-in from your team, all the work that you’ve done on your brand will be wasted.

Stay consistent in your presentation

Have you ever had this experience when researching or buying a product or service? You talk to one person in the company, and they tell you one thing. Then, you talk to someone else, and they tell you something completely different. The odds are good that you didn’t end up doing business with that company.  

One thing that’s needed for the brand you’ve built to blossom is consistent brand presentation. A study presented by Forbes reveals that consistent brand presentation can lead to a revenue boost of up to 23%. You can start by making sure that every team member understands how to communicate information about your brand. That way, potential customers will receive the same message every time they interact with you, which goes a long way toward building trust. And trust often leads to a conversion from potential customer into customer.

Enhance your digital presence

The days of businesses being able to rely on print ads or word of mouth are over. These factors can bring in some customers, especially if you’re just starting out. However, you’ll need a carefully crafted digital presence for the brand you’ve created to do well in today’s marketplace.  

Just how much can your digital presence benefit you? One marketing study found that 64% of people purchase a product or service after they watch a branded video on a social media site. Another survey reports that 61% of people are more likely to buy from businesses that put out unique digital content.

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Hitting all the points that are necessary for the brand you’ve built to thrive can be difficult. Many executives and business owners aren’t digital marketing experts, so it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks. That’s where Heart & Hustle Brands can help. I can sit down with you and your team and help you build a comprehensive brand and digital marketing strategy.

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Stacey Harrison

About the Author

Stacey Harrison is the lead brand strategist and designer at Heart & Hustle Brands and has provided creative direction for healthcare, industrial, and financial services brands for 20 years. She started Harrison Creative Group in 2017 to serve businesses that need a professional brand image on a budget. In 2021, the company rebranded to Heart & Hustle Brands to walk in the shoes of clients that experience a change of name or brand refresh.