Three Ways Digital Health Care Marketers Can Help Your Brand

by | Nov 8, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Healthcare Marketing

Health care marketing has had a relatively brief history in this country. It’s hard to believe that before 1977, it was illegal for health care providers to advertise their services. There are still unique challenges that health care providers face today, but digital health care marketers can help your brand overcome these challenges and offer many benefits.

Health Care Marketers

Digital health care marketers can be extremely valuable to your practice.

So, why turn to digital health care marketers for help? The truth is, the digital space is booming. It’s estimated that Google alone processes about 2 billion searches per year, and Google reports that 5% of those searches are for health-related information. That means health care providers with robust digital marketing strategies can reach a huge number of people. A few other advantages that working with a digital health care marketer can offer are:

Helping you define your audience

Maybe your practice provides physical therapy. Or, you might offer eye care services. Not everyone who is searching for health care information will be looking for what you offer. Yet it can be difficult to hone your digital marketing so that it attracts the right audience. Digital marketers can help you determine which audience you should be targeting, and they can help you build customer profiles that help you reach potential patients based on:

  • Patient demographics like age and location
  • Media your ideal patient consumes
  • Medical challenges they’re facing
  • What they like and don’t like about other medical services they’ve used

Identifying new revenue growth goals

Every business wants to grow its revenue, and health care providers are no different. However, it is often hard to generate new ideas that can help you meet patient needs and help boost your revenue. Digital health care marketers can help you look at your business with a broader perspective to identify previously overlooked revenue-generating opportunities. These professionals can also help you add these new ideas into your sales funnel.

For example, an optometry practice might decide to create a monthly newsletter that its patients can subscribe to. Such a newsletter could be something patients pay a small monthly fee for, which would increase revenue. The newsletter may also encourage patients to make an appointment, helping to generate even more revenue.

Creating a coherent communication map

Digital marketers are big on communication, and your practice should be, too. Good communication is vital for both bringing in new patients and helping you maintain patient loyalty. However, there are a lot of ways that you can communicate with your current and potential patients. Which one is right for where each patient is? Should you use emails, blog posts or social media content? Digital health care marketers can help you lay out a step-by-step communication plan that allows you to connect with patients at every stage of their journey with you.

Communication map for healthcare marketers

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