Which Digital Marketing Tactics Should Your Startup Employ Before You Even Open?

by | Nov 2, 2021 | Digital Marketing

I feel like digital marketers have a unique understanding of what startups go through. We both work in fast-paced environments. We both have multiple deadlines that we need to meet. We both have to keep track of a vast array of moving parts.

All this can be very stressful. But digital marketing professionals are used to these factors and have created tools and strategies to reduce the stress they cause. Startup business teams don’t necessarily have the same tools and strategies. Fortunately, working with a digital marketing team can help you map out which tactics your startup should have in place before it opens its doors.

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Three digital marketing tactics startups should be using before they open

The months and weeks leading up to your startup business’s grand opening can be hectic. Working with an external digital marketing agency can help lighten your load when it comes to preparing your digital marketing for your initial opening. Some digital marketing tactics you should consider putting in place before you open include:

Building a library of content 

Content marketing is a key tactic in any digital marketing plan. However, potential customers don’t expect your website to have a content library with actual content in it when your site goes live—do they? In truth, they do. A startup business should consider creating two types of organic content before its site goes live. One is content focused on building brand awareness. The other is content designed to increase your organic traffic.

HubSpot recommends that small businesses create three to four new brand awareness pieces per week and one to two new organic traffic-driving pieces per week. Say your startup wants to have a full month of content posted on its website when it goes live. Your writing team would need to create a total of between 16 and 24 pieces of content and upload it to your site before it goes live.

content library

Creating and verifying digital business listings

Google My Business. Apple Maps. Google Maps. Bing Places for Business. These are just a few of the many types of digital business listings that can help your startup business. You should also consider setting up these listings before your business opens. Why? Digital business listings allow you to show searchers important information like your address and hours. They also provide a place for potential customers to easily view reviews of your business—all of which are great for search engine optimization (SEO). You should also consider completing the verification process for your listing. Just keep in mind that this could take a while depending on which listing(s) you are setting up. You’ll typically need to verify the listing with a phone call to your main phone number or by requesting a postcard mailed to your address.

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Creating social media profiles 

Another important digital marketing tactic for startups to use is setting up social media profiles. If you have worked with a branding specialist, you should have information about the types of social media that your potential clients consume. You can use that information to set up social media profiles based on that information, and you can even set your profiles up before your business opens. Doing so can help you let potential customers know key information about your grand opening. It can also generate curiosity and awareness about your new business and help your business start growing from day one.

Social media profiles

Heart & Hustle is ready to help businesses find the digital marketing tactics that fit their unique needs.

Every business has its own story. It also has a unique set of needs. At Heart & Hustle Brands, we acknowledge both of these facts. That’s why we work hard to learn as much as possible about your business and its needs before we recommend a digital marketing plan with tactics that are customized to you.

Ready to find out more about how we can help your startup with its digital marketing needs? Let’s chat.

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